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Fine Art Colored Pencil Drawings

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My Colored Pencil Artwork has been inspired by impressionism. The process of turning the surface of a blank sheet of paper into an illusion that the viewer considers impressive and real the same time is what both fascinates and drives me forward. Although I don't have any particular specialist subject matter, the themes of contrast, detail and reflection are usually present in my work with attention to detail becoming increasingly more important to me over the last few years. I work predominantly in colored pencil as this medium allows the fine art artist total and absolute control of the creative process which is a key factor when realism is the desired result. Colored pencil is a medium that has existed in the shadowlands of the "fine art world" for far too long which is a shame. Fine Art Colored Pencil DrawingFor those artists who are brave enough and patient enough to persevere with its time consuming complexity, great work can be produced. The United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) of which I am a member is currently the only body in the UK solely dedicated to championing the cause of (fine art in) colored pencil, bringing it into the light and convincing others that it is indeed a serious fine art medium, long may it continue.
I am often asked how I produce my coloured pencil drawings, from where I start, to the order in which I create each element. In order to try and answer these questions, I have decided to create the various artists sections, which will show the creation of various paintings by various artists step-by-step (By now: Ann Kullberg, Melanie Phillips, Carol Moore, etc). I intend to add more tutorials by myself (Peter Kripgans, coloured pencil artist)soon, but have the uncanny ability of forgetting to scan drawings / paintings at different stages until it is too late! I have developed my own unique approach to working from my own practical experience. Every artist has his or her own technique, so there is no right or wrong way of doing things. I tend to start at the top and work my way down, other artists always begin with specific features, such as the eyes. I do it my way simply because I started out using graphite, which is very unforgiving if you should rest your hand on an area already created - it smudges! I hope you will find this section of interest and maybe benefit from my experience!


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Fine Art in Colored Pencil

Fine Art in Color Pencil